Our Maps

Most of the maps on this site are based on Open Street Map OMS. Open Street Map is like wikipedia for maps. Anyone can contribute date and here at Thatsyangshuo we are a big contributor to the map in the Yangshuo area. The OSM date is free and always will be free and its very useful as it can be used for creating you own maps, its possible to underlay contour lines and create your own styles for the map data. This make is very flexible. Its also build on GPS data which makes is much more accurate than google maps in China which have accuracy restrictions on them.

If you notice any errors you on OSM you can just visit osm.org sign up and start editing. There is lots of information on their wiki page and many tutorial online about how to get started with editing open street map. If this kind of contribution is not for you and you want to change or add something to OSM around the Yangshuo area then just contact us and we will do our best to add or fix it.

We have GPS bike maps for download here these are mostly aimed at user of Garmin GPS devices but will work for other GPS unites as well. These maps were created by openmtbmap.org and mainly aimed at mountain bikers and cyclists. If you would like contour lines for the maps then please visit their website to get the contours.

We also have a special map for download made for outdoor enthusiast. Its constructed with printing in mined, it based on data from OSM with different styling and contour lines and a map legend. Contact us if you require a brand free version of this Yangshuo area map.

We also have a page you can look through all the map renderings we have in a layer formate using openlays. This is great if you want to study the area and you can even using it to look up other areas around the world as well.