Yangshuo Light Show

The Yangshuo Light Show was first shown on March 20th, 2004. It was directed By Zhang Yimou, one of the main choreographers for the Chinese Olympic Games opening ceremony in 2010. The performance makes use of over 600 people and takes place using the Lijiang River as its stage with the Karst Mountains as a backdrop. The chinese name is 刘三姐 (Liu San Jie) Liu San Jie meaning third sister, Liu.

If you have not been to see it before its quite a spectacle, but there are no highly skilled performances, its all about the big picture. Indeed if you just watch the performers individually you will see that non of them do very much. That being said some people really like it, but most would not go a second time.

You can buy tickets all over town and up and down west street. Most of the travel agents shops will sell tickets which range in price depending on seating. During the busy season April-November, there are 2 shows per night, at 19.30 and 21.00. (but in the first show the tickets of 198rmb are not available) You will be picked up 1 hour in advance, so either at 18.30 or 20.00.

We recommend not to by the cheep tickets sold on the street. Sometimes they don’t get you into the light show but to a near by viewing area which is not the same as the real thing. The real tickets come in A B and C classes. They range from 198rmb to 680rmb depending on how good of a seat you want. Most people get the tickets around 320rmb as it’s a good compromise of money and visibility.