There are many nice places to swim around the area in the summer. On the Li River up stream from Yangshuo there are several nice places to swim. One of them has a beach and if you swim across the river there are rocks you can jump and dive off.
However the Yulong River is even nicer, the water is cleaner as motor boats are not allowed. 

Kayaking on the Li River

The Li River is famous in China and there is no more iconic location to see it than Yangshuo. The kayaking location starts from a near by village down stream from Yangshuo called Fuli. The stretch of the river takes you Down to Puyi with a stop at Liugong on the way to see the historic buildings and eat food.

Yangshuo Light Show

The Yangshuo Light Show was first shown on March 20th, 2004. It was directed By Zhang Yimou, one of the main choreographers for the Chinese Olympic Games opening ceremony in 2010. The performance makes use of over 600 people and takes place using the Lijiang River as its stage with the Karst Mountains as a backdrop. The chinese name is 刘三姐 (Liu San Jie) Liu San Jie meaning third sister, Liu.

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