Yangshuo Climbing Festival

The Yangshuo climbing festival started in 2008 and was run by Black Diamond and North Face. Their last event was in 2011 as with a change of management in China and increasing access isues the festival was discontinued. You can see all the old web pages and read more here: http://www.come2climb.cn....

In 2012 noticing that Black Diamond and north face had pulled out Kailas, a Chinese adventure sport manufacturing company decided run annual Yangshuo rock climbing festivals. Very different from the BD TNF events that Kailas events focused on competition, however the still use the same logo as designed by Black Diamond in 2008.

Festival Activities can include:
Bouldering competitions, Activities include a treasure hunt, outdoor training, taster climbing opportunities, a mountain bike race, outdoor movies, a music festival, a BBQ\beer festival, and a lucky draw. In 2013 Kailas sponsored the development of a new area about 20 minutes drive from Yangshuo near a small town called Fuli. The developers established over 50 new routes, making a substantial contribution to the already world class rock climbing in the area. This area was then used to host their 2013 Yangshuo Climbing competition and event.

Other events you might be interested in is the Liming Climbing Festival also run by Black Diamond and North Face, the event is the only traditional climbing festival in China. Find more information at: www.junshanclimber.com.