Yangshuo Rock Climbing Guidebook

The Yangshuo Rock Climbing Guide book was originally written and produced by Paul Colic an expat from the UK living in Hong Kong.

He then passed this onto Tyson Wallace an expat climber who first moved to Yangshuo in 2004. The guidebook feachers over 600 routes ranges from f3a to f8c+. The question about Yangshuo already having a f9a routes is still up for debate.

The book can be perched from many of the cafes, bars, restaurants and climbing shops in Yangshuo for around 120rmb.

If you have any feedback for the book please use the form below to write your comments, they will be email directly to Tyson Wallace the current guidebook author.

For example: New route, Broken bolt, Access problem, etc.
Write your message to Tyson here.