Places To Eat

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7th Heaven

China Café

Right on West street and one of the longest surviving Western Café in Yangshuo.

Cloud 9

Kelley's Café

Lucy's Place

Qing Wa Tai

(青瓦台 in chinese) An Authors choose, the best Korean style food in town. It’s quite small so no good for large groups of people but its great for getting food after climbing. The have some nice clay pot style dishes which are quite filling.

The Alley Bar & Restaurant

They used to be more of a bar but are now more of a restaurant! They serve very nice pizza, pasta and steak along with a good range of beers and wines to choose from.

The Mai You Cafe´

The Rock & Grill

The Rock and Grill has been around for quite a few years, originally located by the government building near the River. It's now moved to a more convenient location just behind West Street. They have a new Pizza oven and the best kitchen for cooking western food in Yangshuo.