Climbing guides in Yangshuo

Climbing guides services in Yangshuo started in 2002, when Echo Wu a chinese lady from Hangzhou started Karst Climber a restaurant, bar and climbing guides service for travellers and tourists. The adventure sports industry in China is not regulated and to this day non of the climbing guides businesses are licensed tax paying organisations, rather they are setup as voluntary clubs or run under the guise of another kind of business. However there has only ever been 1 fatality caused by a guided abseil on Moon hill in Yangshuo and the establishment involved has now closed down. You cannot expect the same standards for climbing guiding in Yangshuo as you would find in Europe but the cost is also much lower, ranging from 60rmb a day to 600rmb a day. If you stick to the middle / upper end of this price range then the service is usually of reasonable quality. You can find climbing guides services on our adventure sports providers page.