Cooking Classes

China is a large country with many different and exceptional styles of cooking, most of which are delicious. The food in Yangshuo is no exception. With its own unique culinary flair, the food found in and around Yangshuo has a flavour that is distinctive to the Guangxi province. While local specialties can be experienced in one of the many local restaurants located in Yangshuo, the best way to truly appreciate a culinary experience is to cook for yourself. There is, after all, no better way to connect with people and cultures then through food.

Cooking classes in Yangshuo are truly a multicultural experience that takes participants on a delicious journey through Chinese markets and kitchens. Most schools employ teachers from Yangshuo who speak fluent English, giving participants an authentic look at the local culinary arts.

The local cooking schools will typically begin their cooking experience with a trip to the local markets. Here, the future chefs are given a guided tour of the market and taught how to select the freshest ingredients from a variety of locally grown seasonal foods.

After the trip to the market, participants are taken back to the cooking school where they’ll find themselves at individual work stations learning how to properly prepare ingredients and to use traditional Chinese cookware like the heavy Chinese chopping knives, woks, and high heat gas stoves.

Once familiar with the ingredients, participants guided through the steps of cooking several traditional Yangshuo style dishes. Some of the more famous local dishes include beer fish, chicken with cashew nuts, eggplant in soy and oyster sauce, green vegetables with garlic, egg wrapped dumplings, steamed chicken and mushrooms, and stir fried pork with vegetables and oyster sauce.

After their cooking experiences, the new chefs will be able to sit down and relax with their home cooked authentic Yangshuo meal, without having to worry about the hassle of clean up.

Most cooking schools will cater to allergies and dietary restrictions. However, it is a good idea to inform the cooking school of any dietary restrictions ahead of time so they can make the proper arrangements.

Generally, reservations should be made with the cooking school at least 24 hours in advance. While reservations can often be made through ones’ hostel or hotel, because most schools employ bi-lingual staff, it is possible to call or email the school directly to make reservations.

The cost of the classes is largely dependent on the type of class and the school. Most one day classes last about 4 hours and cost around 150 yuan. The cost of a one day cooking class usually covers transportation to and from the cooking school, materials, instruction, one meal, and sometimes a cookbook

For those looking for a more in depth Chinese cooking experience it possible to find two day, four day, and week-long cooking courses.

The most popular cooking schools in Yangshuo are The Yangshuo Cooking School, Cloud 9, Jufulou Chinese Cookery Class, and Yangshuo Aiyuan Hotel Cookery Class.

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