Seasonal weather conditions in Yangshuo


Located in Southern China, Yangshuo has a sub-tropical climate with four distinctly different seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Because of this, the weather in Yangshuo is typically humid and warm regardless of the season. Yangshuo’s average yearly temperature is around 19*C and average yearly humidity level is around 75%. However, the weather is at its best during the spring and autumn months.


Starting early to mid March and lasting until mid to late May, spring is typically characterized by steadily warming temperatures and an increasing amount of precipitation. During March, the temperature averages around a high of 17°C and a low of 10°C, by May the temperature will have risen to around a high of 27°C and a low of 20°C. However, as Yangshuo is a subtropical climate, this rise in temperature is coupled with increased humidity levels and increased amounts of rain fall.

Expect spring in Yangshuo to be a combination of Spring showers and beautiful clear days.


Lasting from late May to early September, summers in Yangshuo are best described as hot and humid. The temperatures can easily reach 38°C but generally average between 24°C and 33°C. Summer is also monsoon season. Meaning heavy rains occur frequently and can last several days. During June, the peak of monsoon season, thunderstorms can be a daily occurrence as over 430mm of rainfall can be expected. Rains typically clear up by early August and the weather simply returns to being hot and humid.

Light clothing, sunscreen, and rain gear are recommended for those braving the summer months.


Autumn is generally considered too have the most agreeable weather for visiting Yangshuo. Beginning in early September and lasting until early to mid November, the weather is mild and there are lower levels of humidity. During September the average temperature is a low of 22°C and a high of 31°C. However, as November approaches the weather cools and the average temperatures drops to a low of 12°C and a high of 21°C.

Although some precipitation can be expected, autumn in Yangshuo is characterized by moderate temperatures and clear skies.


With gray skies and misty drizzles, Yangshuo winters are often described as being akin to English winters. While temperatures seldom dip below freezing and snow is a rarity, humidity levels hover around 60-70% making winter weather feel a lot colder than the ambient temperatures. Yangshuo winters tend to last from late November until late February and typically have the lowest levels of precipitation. January, with an average high of 11°C and an average low of 5°C, tends to be the coldest month.

Because of the weather, winter is low season for Yangshuo tourism. While this means there are fewer people, it also means that many businesses close for the season.

Although spring and autumn tend to have the best weather for being outdoors, there is no bad time to visit Yangshuo. With its unique landscape and agrarian culture, each season plays itself out upon the Yangshuo scenery with its own blend of charm and personality.